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Welcome to Retro Game Music!

I am a musician who mostly makes remixes of 90's video game music, such as Sega, Nintendo & PC dos. I also compose my own music and have a wide variety of styles, anywhere from EDM to orchestral.

Feel free to have a look around.

Sorry, But I am no longer taking commissions at the moment.


Hey guys!

It has been suggested to me by a few people to setup a Kickstarter fund for me to do a Phantasy star III album, which will feature a bout 35 songs. I finally got around to setting it up.

I have 60 days from now to reach the goal. if it doesn't reach the goal in time, everyone who has contributed towards the fund will receive their money back automatically.

(Ends on June 5th 2021)

If you would like to be part of making this happen and have your name in the credits when its completed, you can view the project details here:



Thank you in advance to anyone who contributes!

Winner of the Vectorman - Ocean (MnP76)

I entered my "Vectorman - Ocean" Remix into the competion held on the website "Thasauce" and it won first place. 


You can see it on their website here:

Vectorman - Ocean - Luke Jansen
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How it's made (demo) - "Phantasy Star" Remix

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