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Didn't take me long to register. Whoever requested music from Sparkster and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei you have my thanks. Never thought I'd actually hear something like what I have now just heard. Just finished track 13 from Revenge of Shinobi, My Lover. oh man, Alisa Dragoon...14. What's this I hear now? Gaiares Stage 1? it is...who are you people? WARRIOR!!!! would you believe I didn't even know of its existence until I played the Shadow Warrior on PS4? This is nuts. Devilish is 16 and that really reminds me of Cave Story. Fantastic work done here, Luke Jansen! First time I've ever heard anything from the Phantasy Star series. Thank God, it's a compilation. I love Sega RPGS, especially Shining Force and Shining the Holy Ark...oh yeah, Shining in the Darkness! I gotta know more. After I hear everything that's here I will gladly formulate a request. So much variety here. Its like the underdogs of video game music came together to have a party, and I just happened upon it....SUCH PURPOSE here. Mr. Jansen, I was searching on youtube for any sort of cover, remix, arrangement, of the first Shinobi, which is how I discovered your cover of Revenge of Shinobi - The Shinobi. i've never played a Shinobi game, by the way. I just know that Yuzo Koshiro happened to write the music. Man, he'd be honored by what you've accomplished here. Now, I must hear all the rest. Good day to you all.

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